This section has information about different sexual activities, as well as the risks they involve, and how this can be reduced. In nearly every case, condoms will help protect you against the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

It’s always a good idea to talk about trying new stuff first – many an embarrassing moment can be avoided that way! It’ll help you both feel comfortable and could also prove to be a major turn-on for you both.

To reduce the risk of getting or passing on an STI:

always use condoms and dental dams for oral, vaginal, and anal sex

learn how to use condoms and dental dams properly

use plenty of condom-friendly lubrication for anal sex

always use a fresh condom with any sex toys

wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching yourself

if you’ve touched your partner’s genitals, wash your hands before touching your genitals, mouth, or eyes

if you’ve touched your own genitals, wash your hands before touching your partner’s genitals, mouth, or eyes

communicate with sexual partners about what you do and what you don’t want

take more care when having sex when under the influence of alcohol or drugs

regularly get tested for STIs

talk about testing with your partner