These pages give information about the sexual health, contraception, and HIV clinics you access in Bromley.

Sexual health clinic

Our sexual health clinic, based at Beckenham Beacon, offers a full range of testing, treatment and contraception services. Depending on your needs we may offer online, face-to-face, or phone services. 

Contraception clinics

There are a range of ways to access contraceptive services in Bromley:

Beckenham Beacon sexual health clinic

Mottingham contraception clinic

GP contraception services

If you need repeat contraceptive pills and your GP has prescribed them before, contact your GP surgery. It may be able to give you a repeat prescription.

Our current wait time for non-long-acting reversible contraction (LARC), such as the pill or injection, and coil checks, is approximately one week, but may quicker. The wait time for LARC procedures, such as coil or implant fittings, is approximately four to six weeks.

If you want to have a coil fitted or replaced, you can prepare for your appointment by reading this leaflet.

HIV clinic

Our HIV clinic at Beckenham Beacon offers a range of treatment and services to people who are living with HIV.

Don't live in Bromley?

You can find sexual and reproductive health services near you by using the NHS sexual health services finder.

Your sexual health records

The way we store sexual health information is changing, find out more information.