How you perceive yourself and who you are attracted to (sexually or romantically) are two important parts of your identity.

Throughout life, particularly as you grow up, it’s normal to be aroused or develop feelings for both the same and the opposite sex. Doubt and uncertainty are very common. Whether you feel like your body is the right fit for you or not, whether you fancy women or men (or both, or neither), everyone is different.

Whether you are looking for services, questioning, or just interested, visit our Gender and sexuality page or click on one of the buttons below to find out more.

Where can I go and what is available to me?

If you are exploring or struggling with your sexuality, or simply want to hang out with like-minded people, you can self-refer to our young people’s LGBTQ+ group METRO Snap which takes place on a Thursday evening between 6.30pm to 8.30pm in central Bromley. This is a closed group, so if you would like to attend or find out more email or call 020 8305 5004.

We can supply free and confidential home STI testing kits. Complete the test yourself, post it and receive the results by text, email or post. Find out how to get a kit.

man2man is a free and confidential service for men living, studying or working in the borough of Bromley. If you identify as male and/or were born male and have sex with men you can get an ongoing supply of free condoms delivered to your door.